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UVP(Unique Value Proposition): Evidence-Based Nutritional Therapy, Natural and safe
USP(Unique Selling Proposition): SAFE LUNGS, SAFE NATION

CHOVSAFE™ is an Evidence-Based Nutritional Therapy; it is purely natural and complete safe composition. CHOVSAFE™ is an exceptional balance of plant and animal nutritional ingredients that help protect the lung tissue rejuvenation, aids the lungs against infections & toxic chemical constituents, and reduces the psychological lung stress which is apparent in certain Cardiac, Neurological, and Psychiatric disturbances. CHOVSAFE™ provides the lung parenchymal tissue integrity and safeguards the lungs from early deterioration caused by the aetiologies of morphological, metabolic, pathogenic, and psychological parameters. CHOVSAFE™ is also a nutritional remedy for various COVID like illnesses.

CHOVSAFE™ comprises 100% natural ingredients that disinfect and scrub the lungs, evacuate blockage, recuperate lung tissues, and impart essentialness by refining the lung’s ability to enthrall more oxygen. For the smooth working of the respiratory framework, it is imperative to purify our lungs consistently. Contamination and smoking altogether hurt the well-being of the lungs. Consistently, our lungs get presented to executioner toxins, unsafe synthetic concoctions, microorganisms, dust, allergens, essential and auxiliary smoke, particulate issue, vehicular emanations, brown haze, and overwhelming metals.

After continuous exposure to toxins, layers after layers of these poisonous substances get saved into our lung tissues from the air we breathe. This process is called bio-amplification. For instance, if there should be an occurrence of smokers, solid pink lungs turn dark with the statement of tar in the lungs. Indeed, even engineered antiperspirants, scents, and room purifiers can contain synthetic compounds that hurt our lungs. Undesirable food propensities, helpless rest, stress, enthusiastic weakness, way of life changes, and hereditary factors additionally sway the large lung wellbeing.

Every one of these elements can prompt illnesses, for example, nasal clog, hack, wheezing, throat bothering, rough voice and in later stages, Bronchitis, Rhinitis, Asthma, Pneumonia Tuberculosis and even lead to lung malignant growth. CHOVSAFE™ applies Broncho-lazy, Mucolytic, Expectorant, and Antimicrobial activities on the lungs evacuating abundance blockage, mend harm brought about by poisons and smoke, sterilize and re-establish sound working of lungs. *Novel Nutritional Composition