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[For 1 month Treatment – 3 boxes/30 softgels]

CHOVSAFE™ is an OXYLUS’ premier product formulated with evidence-based nutritional health ingredients thus makes CHOVSAFE™ -a Make in India Product, is an OXYLUS premier protectant*, it ensures the utmost safety of the lungs which in turn brings the safety of the Nation.

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Lungs have become the primary targets for respiratory pandemics like COVID-19, SARS, MERS, etc.; Lungs are to be protected cautiously. The latest pandemic COVID-19 virus has affected more than 88 million until January 2021 across the world and more than 10 million in India, causing mild to moderate respiratory illnesses and for older people, those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. Most mortal consequences (noticeably about 60-90% admitted cases) that occurred in this pandemic were related to Lung and Heart Deterioration or Failure. Asymptomatic cases are to be monitored strictly for post-exposure medical events because the pandemic prognosis (in humans) is not determined and not illustrated clearly.

CHOVSAFE™ is an Evidence-Based Nutritional Therapy; it is purely natural and completely safe composition. CHOVSAFE™ is an exceptional balance of plant and animal nutritional ingredients that help protect the lung tissue rejuvenation, aids the lungs against infections & toxic chemical constituents, and reduces the psychological lung stress which is apparent in certain Cardiac, Neurological, and Psychiatric disturbances. CHOVSAFE™ provides the lung parenchymal tissue integrity and safeguards the lungs from early deterioration caused by the aetiologies of morphological, metabolic, pathogenic, and psychological parameters. CHOVSAFE™ is also a nutritional remedy for various COVID-like illnesses.

-> Respiratory Disorders
-> Lungs Deterioration
-> Covid Like Symptoms
-> Covid Consequences
-> Cigarette Smoking
-> Environmental Air Pollutants
-> Psychological Lung Stress
-> Improves lung immunity and strength
-> Restores healthy functioning of lungs
-> Improves lung tissue rejuvenation
-> Purifies & detoxifies lungs
-> Heals lung tissue damage due to air pollution
-> Provides relief from smoker’s cough
-> Beneficial in cold, cough, bronchitis, rhinitis, allergies, hiccups, sore throat, hoarse voice, asthma, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory problems

Not recommended for infants, pregnant and lactating women.